Terms & Conditions

General Sales, Payment, Amendment, Refund and Cancellation Policies

  1. Payment must be made before the cancellation deadline of the booking at full by bank transaction/bank loating or credit card. Payment should be made through helmytours website by credit or debit card. Remind that no reservation will be definite without a payment. IMPORTANT NOTICE: When making the bank transfer, please indicate the confirmation code of the reservation in the first comment field. If further comment fields are available, please indicate the full name of the first passenger in the booking. If only one comment field is available, ONLY enter the confirmation code. If the information entered in the comment field does not match the information of the booking we will not be able to identify the reservation and it will be cancelled. In case of multiple bookings (with different confirmation codes), please make the bank transfer indicating your AGENCY ID and AGENCY NAME in the comment field for the corresponding amounts. All costs associated to bank transfer payments must be born by the customer. The amount of the bank transfer must cover the full amount of the reservation. In case the payment received does not cover the full amount of the reservation, it will be cancelled. If we do not receive the corresponding amount before the cancellation deadline, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.
  2. If you’re working on fixed terms, payment of each invoice is due in full within the number of days specified in your Credit Agreement. It must be made in the invoice currency by bank transfer to our relevant bank account. We do not accept company cheques. In exceptional circumstances we can arrange to accept payment by credit card for invoices but there will be a supplement for this which must be paid in full by you.
  3. Every payment must be accompanied by a clear remittance advice, in the same currency as our invoice, which must state our invoice number(s) and amounts paid per invoice showing a total which equals the payment sent.
  4. Any payment less than our invoice amount must be explained in full showing our invoice number, reservation number, passenger name, arrival date, hotel, the amount of and the reason for the underpayment, together with all evidence or information backing up any claim for a credit, such as copies of emails.
  5. If there is any item you wish to dispute in any invoice, we must have all details of the dispute in writing within 14 days of the issue date of the disputed invoice(s).

 We will not accept the non-payment of undisputed invoices because of a dispute with another invoice.

  1. If you breach your credit limit or credit period, the on-line system will be blocked automatically and will be requested to remit further funds immediately so that we can continue to take bookings.
  2. If the full payment has not been received by the due date in accordance with these terms, we reserve the right to:- 
    A) Disconnect access to all of our booking systems. 
    B) Stop making bookings when requests for reservations are sent to us by email. 
    C) Insist upon prepayment for any and all existing bookings to ensure that we do not cancel them. 
    D) Cancel any future bookings you have already made.
  3. The full cost of remitting your payment to us must be borne by you. We will not accept any deduction from invoices by you to cover your bank charges nor will we accept any deduction as a result of your bank using an intermediary bank to pay us.
  4. A minimum one night charge to cover the first night of the stay will apply to a no-show booking. During periods when a different minimum stay is stipulated by the hotel or during trade fair or special event periods, the minimum stay period or the entire period of the booking will be charged for.
  5. Should any passenger leave a hotel before the end of their booked stay and without informing the hotel they are doing so, we cannot guarantee any refund for the unused nights and reserve the right to invoice in full for the stay we reserved.
  6. Any payments made into an incorrect bank account will be credited at an exchange rate set by us.
  7. While paying for the invoices, you should use the currency determined by helmytours and if there are any exchanges, you should take this currency into consideration.
  8. In lump sum payments made through helmytours payment system, system automatically allocates the bonuses, cash amounts and credit card payments and you should accept these allocations. You should not reclaim after all transactions are completed.

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