Turkish law states that if you want to stay in Turkey for more than the period specified in your visa or visa, you must follow the following:

Article 19 (1) Foreigners who will stay in Turkey for a period longer than the period permitted by the visa or visa exemption, or more than 90 days, must obtain a residence permit.

Tourist residence permit in Turkey

Tourist residency in Turkey is the best solution for those wishing to reside in Turkey for a short period such as a year or two, and the primary goal of extracting tourist residency in Turkey is to give an opportunity for those wishing to study the Turkish market or tourism in Turkey for a long period of staying in Turkey legally.

Requirements for tourist residency in Turkey

Important note: You cannot apply for residency if you have exceeded the legal period for your presence in Turkey.

For example: If you hold Syrian citizenship and want to obtain a tourist residency, then you must apply for residency within three months of entering Turkey, and if you are an Egyptian, you must apply for residency 30 days before entering Turkey.

To obtain residence in Turkey or tourist residence in Turkey, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Date of residence (we extract it for you whether you are inside or outside Turkey)
  • Health insurance (insurance rates vary according to the company and age, so please contact us to find out about it)
  • A notarized and certified lease contract (real estate registry) in Turkey for a period of not less than a year, noting that short-term contracts are not accepted.
  • passport copy
  • A copy of the visa or visa to enter the country
  • 4 personal photos
  • A bank account statement showing 6000 dollars in the account, but the bank account statement is not one of the basic conditions, as the matter belongs entirely to the immigration department employee and sometimes