evening boat Tour the in Fethiye


evening boat Tour the in Fethiye

The city of Fethiye is considered one of the most important tourist cities due to its excellent location on the Aegean Sea in the western part of Anatolia. Therefore, the city receives millions of tourists because it enjoys the Mediterranean weather and possesses a number of beautiful and picturesque islands. Free parachuting jumps and tours of beautiful rural town villages dating back to the Byzantine and Roman times and the great Seljuk era.

Besides the city’s possession, there are a number of natural tourist destinations such as the Sakalikant waterway in Fethiye, which is the second largest waterway in Europe, the longest and deepest in Turkey. It is 20 km long and offers wonderful seaside nights for tourists on the Aegean coast, boat rides, magnificent mountain safaris and amusement parks. Which is one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy in the city.

The time of an evening boat tour in Fethiye

Our tour begins where your driver and tour guide are waiting for you to start moving in order to make our tour wonderful. Note that the driver speaks Arabic, English and Turkish for your service and Your comfort

Details of the evening boat tour in Fethiye

It is a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and warm climate of the city with its beautiful sunsets and scenic views. Our tour starts along the Turkish coast, surrounded by pure air and sunsets in the most beautiful and beautiful landscapes where you sit on the surface. Ship and watch the city from within the sea, where the lights from the tourist resorts enjoy the dinner in this beautiful and wonderful atmosphere.

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There is no doubt that the city of Fethiye Turkish is one of the most beautiful tourist cities that you may wish to visit one day, where the city carries within it the beauty and charm of the shores of the Mediterranean and activities that do not care about the repetition and adventures and memories are unforgettable as well as the city of Fethiye known for its excellence With many excellent restaurants that contain many diverse and delicious foods including local chicken and veal, as well as many delicious and fresh seafood.

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