Paragliding Tour in bursa

Tour Price 140$

Paragliding Tour in bursa

With its mountains and beautiful and magnificent scenery, Bursa is also home to the first Ottoman capital and the owner of Turkey’s most historic monuments, but it is the birthplace of a number of beautiful individual mathematics, including ice skating and free paragliding, where you experience adventure Unique to make you watch the city from the top and you descend from the sky Bird example with a Turkish pilot with a great experience for the enjoyment of paragliding

The duration of the Free Air Parachute tour

The duration of our paragliding tour is 30 minutes from the hotel to the starting place at 8:30 pm and then you are ready to start the journey and enjoy it.

Details of the free Flying Parachute tour in Bursa

Our paragliding tour starts in Bursa at 8:30 am, where you must book your flight 24 hours in advance to equip your jumping tools and after arrival you are equipped by a Turkish pilot specializing in this field to enjoy the scenic scenery. of Bursa’s historic city from the top with a note that the minimum age is 12 years for this trip.

The advantages of the skydiving tour in the green City of Bursa:

  • transfers a modern and comfortable private car.
  • Driver and mentor speaks Arabic and Turkish as well as English
  • Specialist and professional pilot in the field of free air paragliding
  • The price includes the tools for flying and moving to the starting and return point.

Skydiving Cruises

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