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Our valued customers in our company Helmy tours offer you our wonderful journey in the magnificent city of Sapanca to enjoy the scenic nature between the beautiful lakes and rivers, especially the Sapanca Lake and the magnificent waterfalls of the grassy. Our journey is a 2-hour drive away from Istanbul, where the journey is through a modern car with a tour guide that speaks Arabic, Turkish and English.

Skaria Province .

Skaria Province is one of the beautiful coastal provinces of Turkey, which is located in western Anatolia and fully overlooks the Black Sea, where the province is famous for its beautiful nature where the rivers and the largest rivers of the Skaria River, which is the largest third river in Turkey beside a number of lakes The wonderful one of the most beautiful is the lake of Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful lakes of Turkey, beside the Mount Kartepe, which is one of the most important tourist destinations for the lovers of skiing for the enjoyment of this fun sport in the long winter months.

Duration of the trip to the rural city of Sapanca

The journey begins in front of your residence, whether the hotel or your home is at 9:00 am, with a return to Istanbul at 9:00 p.m.

Details :

The driver starts to move after all the people ride on the journey at 9:00 am where the pleasure begins as you head to the Asian section of the historic city of Istanbul via the Bosphorus Bridge (Mohammed II) in order to reach the quiet rural city of Sapanca via a beautiful road full of mountains etc. rustic villages and scenic views after your arrival in Sapanca, your beautiful trip to Sapanca Lake starts to enjoy the lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in western Anatolia, visit the Nature Koi Park and the beautiful village of Mahouleh and enjoy the climb to mount Kartepe by the cable car.  After a full day in the magical nature of the lakes and rivers and with the sunset, it is the beginning of the city towards Istanbul.

The trip to the rural city of Sapanca includes:

  • Sapanca Lake:

Our first stop of the journey is the beautiful Lake of Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey, where the lake is characterized by the picturesque nature of its green mountains, where you enjoy the tranquility, the chirping of birds and the Walk on the sapanga Lake promenade where the quiet sitting on its banks and the sound of the beautiful water.

  • masukiye Village:

The village of masukiye is one of the most beautiful read of the countryside of the Skaria area where it features large trees and beautiful fresh air and a number of rivers and beautiful streams of water that stem from the peaks of the mountains surrounded by everywhere and spread on the banks of traditional Turkish restaurants where enjoy Beautiful scenery and tasty food on its banks.

  • Mount Kartepe:

Mount Kartepe of the towering Turkish mountains, famous for being the most famous tourist destination among the lovers of ice skating in the winter where the mountain with a beautiful white dress and the presence of beautiful equipment to facilitate the arrival of the mountain including the cable car and the tourist resort in the dome Mountain * and be in winter only from November to April *.

  • Viaborort or Palladium Shopping Center:

After visiting these picturesque places on the Sapanca Lake trip and visiting the adored waterfalls, if we have some time left we will shop around the hour at the Viaborort shopping center. This part of Istanbul cruises will allow shopping lovers. Be mindful that this will only be in case we have time at the end of the day. After finishing the tour we will return you to your hotel in Istanbul wishing you a good night.

The advantages of the tour city of Sapanca:

  1.  Travel on the journey with modern and comfortable buses equipped with the latest possibilities for your convenience
  2. The price is inclusive of delivery from the hotel and return to the hotel after the trip.
  3. Trip price including road and resort fees
  4. The price is inclusive of lunch at the best restaurants.

Sapanca Rural City Trip

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