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Our valued customers in our company Helmy Tours offer you our wonderful journey in the magnificent city of Yalova to enjoy the scenic nature between the beautiful lakes and rivers, especially the Yalova sulfur baths and the magnificent Yalova waterfalls. Our journey is a 2-hour drive away from Istanbul, where the journey is through a modern car with a tour guide that speaks Arabic, Turkish and English .yalova weather very good

The duration of the tour of Yalova and the Yalova Waterfalls

The tour begins in front of your residence, whether the hotel or your home is at 9:00 am, with a return to Istanbul at 9:00 p.m.

Details :

Our journey in Yalova and the sulfur baths will be centered on its picturesque nature and rich heritage, all of which confirms that it is an unparalleled tourist destination and that its people enjoy the ideals of hospitality and all these elements gather in a place where humans have existed since ancient times. The famous ancient people who inhabited it were Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, and built a great palace there. The place witnessed a great history and an ancient civilization from the Persians, Byzantines and Greeks to the Turks. Ataturk’s admiration for the beauty of this city and he took the saying “Yalove is my City”.

The Yalova tours include :

Yalova Hot sulfur springs

This is the first stop in the journey of Yalova. There is a termal area in the province of Yalova in the beautiful sense of the interesting behind its name. Hot springs are months in place to the point where the entire area has been named, meaning “in Greek” is warm. The hot springs are 12 km from Yalova in a private complex with great historical value. You must get energy with hot springs saturated with salts, natural minerals and calcium. We guarantee you a pleasant feeling and a sense of energy and vitality. So you have to go on a trip to Yalowa on the Termal area.

Yalova Fairy Falls

The view of the fantasy waterfall in front of your eyes as it hummers from above the mountains is a very beautiful thing. It is also very close to the Sea of Marmara. The magnificent view makes visitors take pictures with this lively view, the Sodushan waterfall or the Sodoshan waterfalls of the most beautiful waterfalls of Yelova is 9 km from the sands and is a destination for tourists, it is characterized by its breathtaking beauty and striking

Shopping in Yalova

Shopping at Yalova Markets is an enjoyable experience and an important activity for visitors in Yalova, where the city has many shops and famous clothing stores, which are spread through the streets of the city of Yalova. 

The advantages of Yalova tour

  1. transfers with modern and comfortable buses equipped with the latest possibilities for your convenience
  2. The price is inclusive of delivery from the hotel and return to the hotel after the trip.
  3. Trip price Yalova tour including road and resort fees
  4. The price of Yalova and spa baths is inclusive of lunch at the best restaurants.

Yalova and spa baths tour

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