bursa tours

The city of Bursa is located in the south of the Marmara Province in the northwest of Turkey, where it overlooks the Sea of Marmara and is considered the fourth of Turkish cities of the population is the first capital of the Osmanly state and was called in the time of the Osmanly State (Khadonkar) and means the gift of God, the most important landmarks of Bursa : One of the oldest trees in the city of Bursa, a very large and huge tree that is about 600 years old, Jabal Olwadag: One of the most important mountains of Turkey and reaches the height of 2543 m, the highest peak in Bursa city and the tourists in millions to ski snow in the winter and ride the bursa cable car where you can see the city as Courtesy of the top, silk markets: the silk market in Bursa or the market of Koza Khan Koza Han is one of the oldest markets in the city of Bursa of Turkey and the most important and oldest historical places, offering many kinds of luxury fabrics and products made of silk, the springs of the Oylat: in the middle of the forest and the Adadani means all the inhabitants of Turkey and all the world. We can choose you the best tours in Bursa and view the best hotels in Bursa, we can also make tourist programs for you and organise your trips in Bursa…. Welcome to our company helmy Tours .